Hmm.. Idk. I just felt like blogging right now. I kind of missed it, although tinatamad din akong mag-blog haha :razz: It's been a while. Actually, hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit bigla akong nawalan ng gana na mag-blog. But maybe it's because of busy-ness.. You know, schoolworks, fan girlings and stuffs like that :razz:

I'm still so currently obsessed with Bigbang. You know that uber popular KPOP/Hip hop male group, right? Especially Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P) haha HOTness! Below is a photo of Bigbang.


Last week, I just finished watching Bigbang Documentary (a story of how Bigbang came to be) and Bigbang's Making of THE REAL Concert. It was superb and I can't help but laugh at T.O.P's jokes :razz: He's got such a real gag character that everyone would love. But right now I'm currently watching Bigbang KM Idol World. I need to watch it or else I'll end up missing BB more! Aaahh~

I'm currently missing Bigbang because they're still on Hiatus.. they've been on hiatus for a year now, if I'm not mistaken. But I just read recently in iBigBang Fansite that they would be making their comeback sometime between this coming summer and the end of the year! Yay! Can't wait for that! They will be releasing a Mini-Album (so much for the 1 year wait, eh?) but that's okay since they're really busy will their own careers and I don't think they would be able to record a whole new album just yet due to their hectic schedules.

Looks like this new post is all about Bigbang, eh? :lol: I just NEED to express my love for them or else I'm gonna explode! Nyanya ~ :3

I just soooo love Bigbang that this new post turned into BigBang haha ~


About my life right now... Hmmm my life is kinda boring this summer... Probably because school days are out and there's nothing much to do at home except for...

Wake up - Sleep again - Wake up - Brush your teeth - Soundtrip with PSP - Facebook- Facebook - Eat- Chores - - Daydream- Sleep

You know? That kind of life cycle is killing me :sad: I want something new.. I wanna go out! Go shopping.. hit the malls... watch on the big screen.. Ahhh I'm going crazy because of boredom here at home. Can't wait for the 29th of April! Well, that's my birthday.. and I'm gonna be turning 18 :3 No I'm not gonna have a debut... We're just going on a family outing (swimming yay!) in Antipolo ;-)

Enough about my life. Di naman interesting eh :smile: Whew.. Okay, I'm gonna watch Bigbang KM Idol World now. I'm now on episode 2 and it's so fun! :razz: But before that, I kind of feel the urge to end this post with a BANG ~ ! And I thought of this way~! :


BANG! T.O.P rocks! :3


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Car DVD Players

Have you heard about Car DVD Players? It's my first time to hear about it and I think it's pretty cool! A Car DVD Player is an entertainment tool or device that you can have inside your car. You can use it out of boredom and if you want to be entertained. It's very cool because you can use it anytime and anywhere. All you need is a disc, of course.

Car DVD Players are very affordable. Prices are dropping dramatically due to popular demand. Consumers can now afford a player at a modest price. There are some conditions to consider though. Why? Because some people thinks that Car DVD Players can kill. It can kill yes, but that's only if you use it in the wrong way. What I mean about "wrong way" is, for example, you're driving alone and you Car DVD Player is turned on. You can't drive and watch at the same time, right? You can get killed just by doing that. Not only is it illegal, but it is ludicrously dangerous.

However, the most appropriate way to use a Car DVD Player is by having your family with you on a trip. Of course, you know hat I mean. While you drive, they watch. That way, they won't get bored all throughout the trip. Correct? Car DVD Players are great for road trips with family, relatives, and friends.

If you want to have another or other choices besides Car DVD Players, then you can go to this link instead. Here you can choose from a variety of Car Audio and Video Devices. Shopwiki provides you with a wide array of Car Amplifiers, Equalizers, Speakers, Receivers, Video Monitors, and a whole lot more!

Anther must-have for motorists is the GPS or Global Positioning System. It's a must-have for those who often get lost on the road. These nifty contraptions come in a few main varieties, including automotive, handheld and marine. You can read a lot more about GPS here!

Happy shopping readers! :)

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So there! Let me elaborate them one by one so that you will get to know each of them well.

AmeriPlan Dental Discount

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That's one great deal there! Personally, if only I have bucks to spend, I would join them and be a member because I really need a guide or dentist for my teeth problems.

Ameriplan Vision Discount

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Many features follow this plan! These are what I am talking about:

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In addition to that, AmeriPlan can also offer you a WORK FROM HOME business.

You can become an Ameriplan® independent business owner and enjoy working at home without having to commute or pay a babysitter. This is great for moms who want to work at home. You are a independent business owner for Ameriplan® which means you are a home business owner. It is not a difficult business as you will be offering people something they need at an affordable price. Ameriplan® is not a get rich quick scam. You have to be willing to put in the time and work hard, however, Ameriplan® has to a lot of training and resources to offer to get you started and help you establish your business for the long run.

Ready to join the team? Then click this link!
You can also visit this site. It's a medical program.

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Rented Referrals

8 hours ago was my first time to invest in a certain PTC site, and that PTC site is non other than Neobux. I rented 10 referrals and it cost me $2.5 USD. I got my rented referrals in just seconds! So unbelievable. Noebux is truly simply he best PTC site around.

Here are some screenshots.

Voila! I now have 10 rented referrals.

I just hope that these referrals I rented would somehow be active.. Because if not, I'll recycle them to active ones. Wish me luck!

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The Person I Hate The Most...

... is my FATHER. I swear, I'll hate him 'til the day that I die.


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Eunice is the name. 17 years young from the Philippines. This will serve as my money blog and personal blog. This could also be an SP Blog.

The owner is Eunice. Layout is desgined by Bach Trang, thanks cyworld for cute image, dafont for the font used, photobucket for pic host with the help of photoschop


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